Our HistoryThe founder of The Organic For You Carmen Nuñez better known as Mary youtube was the one who started to create this site and other sites as a need to find a solution to sensitive skin problems .
Most bath products especially the commercial soaps were too harsh to the members of my family says "Carmen Nuñez, I decided I'd better start making my own products, that way I can be absolutely sure that the product we use is safe and what is inside of that product. then I planned to get to have in my own home a pure and natural product based on natural ingredients that are absolutely safe even for baby skin. After many years of research, I found everything I could about making soap at home from ingredients, recipes for making soaps, and all the tools and things necessary. the more I Investigate, the more I found I'm not alone in looking for a natural soap bar ".

The soap, the product that accompanies us every day in the care of our skin, maintaining hygiene and taking care of to improve its appearance has been gaining throughout different formats history and varieties, once it has been known how it acts on different skin types and especially in some cases can cause irritation.

What really interests us is that natural soaps fulfill their primary functions, to clean the skin surface, sweeping dead cells and external agents remaining on the surface.

The soap, that product that accompanies us every day in our skin care, hygienic and looking to improve their appearance, has been taking over the story different formats and varieties, once it has known how it acts on the different skin types and especially in some cases can cause irritation.

What really interests us is natural soaps fulfill their primary functions, to clean the skin surface, sweeping away dead cells and external agents to remain on its surface.

Soaps with animal fat and with ph neutral soap

Most soaps are made with tallow from animal fat, since they have a longer duration and the price is very affordable. However, have the disadvantage of drying the skin and sometimes cause irritation and skin discomfort.

To avoid repetition of such problems it is important that the soap is not too alkaline nor too degreaser, not too flavored (which may be harmful for people with allergies), or has added to reduce skin dryness. The advantage in this case the natural soaps provide neutral with a pH similar to skin (between 5 and 7)

While there are different types of skins and in some there is a greater dryness and other oily and more for each recommended the effect is different in the case of neutral soaps on minimizing exposure to these effects, especially excessive flavor, color, consistency or foam that ignore the paramount importance of its therapeutic properties in everyday action.

Anyway, have diversified styles of natural soaps as the characteristic of each skin and needs require. However, different sizes or styles not imply that some are more hygienic than others. The soap is made from ingredients such as potassium and sodium that serve to boost its effect.

And we must bear in mind that there are certain beliefs about the mythic soaps, they are rather imposed by the requirement that a hygienic fashion:

More than a frothy soap does not mean more effective.
No need to use a special soap for intimate care, although it is preferable to use neutral soaps quality for these areas as sensitive.

There are different types or classes of natural soaps
Soaps common: strong and sparkling, usually made with tallow fatty and sodium or potassium. They are indicated for all skin types and in some cases may be used to wash hair.
The moisturizing soaps: they usually have vegetable oils, other moisturizers have in their composition, or fat enriched with olive oil, hazelnut and others. There are also glycerin. They are useful for dry skin or damaged by the use of detergents.
Mild soaps: they have in their composition and thermal waters are recommended for sensitive skin.
Liquid soaps: that are presented as a cleansing lotion. His actual power varies and not all are equally effective.
Dermatological soaps: synthetic cleaning agents contain very soft, the vegetables are added that help close the pores, relieving irritation and slow the onset of acne or blackheads. With these soaps the skin does not peel. They are recommended for skins that carry disadvantages, either permanently or seasonally, or with occasional appearances of irritation.
Glycerin soaps: they are neutral, are often not moisturize the skin, in contrast, sometimes tend to dry and are recommended for oily skin. Usually, the glycerin has a more lasting effect than common soaps.
Therapeutic soaps: they are prescribed by doctors, some are recommended for Psoriasis, for fungal skin and deep cleansing facial.

Finally natural soaps are used by most aromatic are those to which is added floral and fruit essences, not recommended for sensitive skin or allergy sufferers. They also have a calming effect in some cases, depending on flower essence containing.
What I can say "says Carmen Nuñez", for over 15 years I'm making handcrafted soaps that I take pride in their properties. I've been through many recipes and I found the most balanced and more popular among my family members and customers for their scents, sizes and designs light-colored, natural colors based butters, clays and herbs.

All the handcrafted soaps in our collection meet these strict minimum requirements:

They contain no



Sodium Laurel Sulfate

Synthetic chemicals or foaming agents

Artificial essential oils

Animal byproducts


 artificial colors 

 tested on animals

  foaming agents (coconut butter is thenatural lather of soap)


 sodium cocoate

 sodium laurel sulfate

or other harmful chemicals. Our soaps are free of detergents. Most of our products are handmade soap bars prepared in small batches from natural oils and other natural ingredients. Our natural soap benefits your skin by healthy cleansing without over drying and irritating.
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