If 100% plant and mineral based products are so effective, then why don’t the big cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies use them?
They do, just in tiny amounts.  Including botanicals in beauty products is expensive and labour intensive.  The bottom line for these large companies is making large profits and quite simply, by using synthetic ingredients they are maximising their dollar.  Also, handmade products that contain 100% natural ingredients are never going to be exactly the same each time they are blended, whereas the commercial companies maintain the uniformity of their products by using man-made chemicals and synthetics.

Are The Organic For You products safe for use during pregnancy?
While all essential oil amounts used in our Baby and Mama blends are well within the safe limits, which means are safe for babies and during pregnant. While our acneic line products are not advisable to use for pregnant.  If you are pregnant, then please advise us (in the comments section of the order form) and we will create bespoke products  especially for you.

I do not use beauty products that contain animal derived ingredients- are The Organic For You  products suitable for Vegans?
The Organic For You do Vegan. Most are suitable for use by Vegans.  However, the balms, salves & ointments do contain Beeswax, so if you are Vegan please advise us (in the comments section of the order form) and we will create bespoke products especially for you using “Candelilla Wax”, which is of plant origin.

I have dry skin and find I need to use a lot of product on my skin to make it feel comfortable – would The Organic For You products address this?
Definitely.  Our balms and oils are highly concentrated – a little goes a long way.  A few drops of oil or a small amount of balm (about the size of a pea) is all that is needed for the entire face and neck area.  Your skin will look and feel very comfortable and hydrated and stay this way all day.

I have oily, acne-prone skin.  Won’t putting oils & balms on my skin make it even oilier and break out more?
Absolutely not, oils are easily absorbed by the skin and do not clog pores.  The majority of commercial moisturisers are heavily laden with chemicals that just sit in the pores – the natural oils produced by the skin cannot escape and then what you end up with is blockages, dull skin, blemishes and even acne.  Oils and balms do not have this effect, they work in synergy with the skin and some oils can be of great benefit to an oily or acne-prone skin.  Each oil and balm blend is specially formulated for different skin types.  Some oils are considered “dry” and are quickly absorbed, carrying beneficial nutrients deep into the skin leaving no oily residue – these are more suited to oily skin types (they would be too dry for drier skins).  Others are considered “fatty” and have a long absorption time – more suited to dry or very dry skin types (they would be too greasy for oily skin).  Therefore it is important to use the correct oil and balm blends for how your skin is looking and feeling and all our products are marked with “skin type suitability”.

In the winter my skin is prone to dryness but in the summer it can become oily – which product do I use?
OK, it’s important to understand that skin does go through changes depending on weather, lifestyle, hormonal changes, illness, etc and therefore what you put on your skin will be subject to change from time to time.  Always reassess your skin when replacing products and choose according to how your skin is looking and feeling. For example, dry skin may become more “combination” and therefore will require a slightly different blend than previously used.

I never use a toner because it just makes my skin feel really tight and sore, why is this?
Beauty products should never make your skin feel tight and sore – if they do then stop using them immediately.  Our tonics are a bit different from usual toners in that they condition and feed the skin, improving clarity and encouraging cell renewal. They do not contain large amounts of alcohol (which is a common cause of tightness and soreness) but instead contain powerful plant actives that are rejuvenating, moisturising and healing.  Again, these are highly concentrated so you don’t need to saturate a cotton pad with the tonic – just a few drops to dampen or a gentle spritz directly onto the skin is all that is needed.

How long can I expect my The Organic For You products to last if they doesn't contain parabens?  

Why avoid paraben preservatives? What is the shelf-life of your paraben free products?
Parabens have been commonly used to provide effective protection against contamination from molds, bacteria, yeast and fungi. Recently evidence and research has indicated that parabens were found within human breast tumors and are speculated to influence their development. We have found safe food-grade preservatives as an effective alternative. contain ingredients including Leucidal,(ECOCERT approved preservative) believed to be natural preservatives to prolong shelf life of our products. 

Note: This does not guarantee the creams or lotions will never spoil. These ingredients are not synthetic chemical preservatives and cannot make this guarantee. This is an all-natural product and should not be left in a warm environment for long periods of time. We have utilized a variety of ingredients that are able to provide very effective protection and preservation. However to get maximum shelf life we recommend you keep the products out of direct light, keeping them in room temperature (avoid extreme temperature fluctuations), when possible use the applicator spatula we provide to avoid contamination and lastly, close all products tightly to avoid oxidation.

Used correctly your products should last approximately 2-3 months.  Once opened the creams, lotions and tonics should be used within 6 months if kept in cool, dark conditions (ie cupboard or drawer).  The balms and salves will last much longer (12 months or more) if kept out of sunlight – this is because they contain only oils and beeswax so do not degrade as quickly.  If your products remain unopened they will last up to 1 year.

IMPORTANT: All of our products are for external use only.
In addition, please read and understand appropriate technical, and disclaimers before using this or any other The Organic For You product. Read the Disclaimer
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